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Introducing our new Club Captains!

Welcome to our new Club Captains:
Senior Girl: Morwenna Taylor
Vice Senior Girl: Nicola Lawrence
Junior Girl: Maisie Ayres
Junior Vice-girl Ellie Crockford
Senior Boy: Jake Austin
Junior Boy: Laurie Taylor

Club Captains Sept 2014

Thank you to our out going Captains – Shushila Ghose-Coveney, Brook Willams, Alfie Lucas and Lucy Corry- for their work and enthusiasm.

Proposed changes to British Swimming Calendar

Message from Paul Doyle, Head Coach

This document is to outline for you the proposed changes to the British Swimming Calendar and format and to make you aware of the impact this will have on our swimmers.
The most significant change is the age of the swimmer. In 2015 it will no longer be at Championship events as age on the day, but will be age as at the 31 December in that year. So if your 12 in January or November you all compete as 12 throughout the year.


Middlesex County Championships
In these the major change is that there will be no 9 year olds competing and you have to be 11 by the 31 December in that year to compete. There will be qualifying times set by the county for these events. These championships will now be held in January (see the club calendar for details).


London Regional Championships
There is a move to combine the Age Group and Youth Championships for this competition. There will be qualifying times set and the competition will fall in the National Qualifying Period between April/May. This event will be one of those at which swimmers will be able to achieve an ASA Database time which will be considered for entry into National Competitions. The dates at this time have not been confirmed but likely to fall in mid / late May. For this competition you will have to be 12 by the 31 December in order to compete.

Home Nation (English) Nationals
This is a new championships, that will, more than likely be held at the end of July. Like the British Championships there are no qualifying times. You will be invited to compete in the event if you are ranked on the National database in the top 30 English swimmers per event/age. But haven’t been selected to swim in the British Nationals. For this competition you will need to be 13 by 31 December in the year of competition


British Nationals
These will replace the existing Age Group and Youth Nationals. They are likely to be swum At the beginning of August. As with the English Nationals there will be no qualifying times. You will be invited to take part if you are ranked on the National database in the top 30 British swimmers per event/age.
With reference to both the above National Events, the National rankings database for selection only commences on the 1 April in the year of competition and closes on the 31 May in the same year. |This gives roughly an 8 week time frame in which to achieve times
for consideration for National Competitions. For this competition you will need to be 13 by 31 December in the year of competition.


There are always negatives in any change and if you’re born at the end of the year the new changes will be a negative. But under the old system if you were born in May/July that was a negative. The most positive thing to come out of these new proposals is at National level competitions. There will be more swimmers (if they keep to 30 swimmers per event/age) selected for British Nationals and with the introduction of the new English Nationals it means that a Top 60 ranking should qualify you for a National Event.
It will mean that 9 and10 year olds will have to wait a little longer to be involved at higher level competitions but that is not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion.
Also the window for National times will mean that there will be a lot of competitions jammed into this period, so for anyone chasing qualification this will be a hectic and stressful time.
Because of the shift in the calendar of the County Bagcats to January and the need to achieve qualifying times. It means that for those chasing times for this the competitions that start back after the summer become more important in order to achieve qualifying times, so please make sure you get those entries in promptly.

Training arrangements during the refurbishment of Park Road Leisure Centre

Park Road Pool is currently under major refurbishment. ALL training (development, club and competitive squad swimmers and waterpolo players) will be held at Tottenham Green Leisure Centre until the work is completed towards the end of the year.

Sessions at Park Road Leisure Centre ceased on Friday 12 September 2014.  All sessions are being held at Tottenham Green Leisure Centre from Sunday 14 September 2014.

We understand that this temporary move may cause difficulties for some swimmers and their families, in particular travelling across the borough.  A list of families who are able to lift share or need help with transport  is being put together  by Sharon, parents can then make arrangements between themselves.  If you would like to be on the list please let Sharon know by email

We have also arranged additional development squad sessions which will run from 7pm-8pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for those swimmers who can not get to Tottenham Green for 6pm, . If you believe that these sessions would be more suitable to your circumstances, please could you let Sharon know by email

Week commencing 15 September 2014, Tottenham Green

Tottenham Green Swimmers – Monday – Friday

Development Squad 6pm – 7pm (Teaching Pool)

Squad Lanes 1/2/3 6- 7pm (Main Pool)

Junior/Senior Performance 7pm – 9pm (Main Pool)

Park Road Swimmers – Monday – Friday

Development Squad 6pm – 7pm (Teaching Pool)

Development Squad 7pm – 8pm (Teaching Pool) Tues/Wed/Fri ONLY

Squad Lanes 3/4/5 (Main Pool) 7pm -8pm

Squad Lanes 1/2/FT (Main Pool) 8pm – 9pm

All Squads Sunday 5:45pm – 7:15pm

Club Squad Sunday 5:45pm – 7:15pm

Water Polo at Tottenham Green

This will restart at Tottenham Green on Sunday 21 September 5.45 – 7.15pm. We have purchased full sized goals for these sessions thanks to a grant from Tottenham Grammar School Foundation.

We look forward to the completion of the refurbishment works at both pools and will keep you updated on any developments.

Haringey Aquatics welcomes you to our new website

Welcome to our new website! It is still a ‘work in progress’ and more information will be added over the coming days and weeks, so please bear with us as we fine tune the new site. We will be posting information about forthcoming galas, results of galas and updates about the pool refurbishment so keep checking in to keep up to date.

Haringey Aquatics