Swimzoom underwater photos now available to purchase/download from Swimzoom website


A reminder: Deadline to pre-order your Swimzoom calendar @ £15 expires 1 November after which the price increases. Printed calendars arriving early December.


In the meantime, the Swimzoom underwater images are now available to purchase/download directly from the Swimzoom web site.

How It Works: 

  1. To order your 300 dpi downloadable photo file, go to www.swimzoom.com
  2. Click on Galleries > Haringey Aquatics
  3. Enter password HAsz14 (case sensitive)
  4. See below swimming groups to find your photo group
  5. Use Swimzoom’s guidelines for all your technical/purchasing questions. [Any other swimmer questions direct to constance.ryland@me.com.]


If the club purchases 50 photo downloads, Swimzoom will make a 10% donation to our 2015 camp/activities fund so please do share the password with friends and family in the lead up to the holidays.


Once you’ve purchased your file from Swimzoom, do take advantage of the discounted offers from one of our Calendar Sponsors Foto Plus in Crouch End, specialising in photo prints and grandparental gifts, details here Foto Plus Offers    and for more information and to place an order  sales@foto-plus.co.uk.

Swimming groups are as follows (we apologise in advance for any misspellings or misidentified swimmers).Northumberland Park (Learn to Swim) and Water Polo photos are grouped separately. Swimzoom photos groups


Many thanks again to all those who participated!