Congratulations to the County Qualifiers 2016

Congratulations to the following County Qualifiers:
Jake Austin; Gareth Davies; Marco Dottore, Shakil Giordani; Max Green; Max Hanson;
Alejandro Isaza Ocampo; Fernando Isaza Ocampo; Jude Liddiard; Alfie Lucas; Joe
Northover; Adam Ouldamri; Renat Samur; Gael Vazquez Tunez and Alex Vonckx.

Maisie Ayres; Sushila Ghose Coveney; Nicola Lawrence; Aimee-Rose Nahal; Adina Roper,
Kelton Ryland; Sasha Shute and Eila Whiteman.

Everyone at Haringey Aquatics wishes them well for their events at the MCASA Age Group which will swum in January and February 2016.