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Road closure: Please bear with us!

So, we are well in to week 1 of 5 months worth of traffic disruption due to the closure of Wightman Road. Whilst we realise that this could have a major impact on some of you, we do need to look at the wider picture.

This is not the first time (in recent years), that our club has had to work through tough times. We managed before and again we will come through this.
Over the next couple of weeks, drivers will unfortunately be hitting traffic whichever way they turn as more than 16,000 drivers use Wightman Road everyday.
One of the issues surrounding the traffic is because the traffic lights have not been updated to reflect that vehicles can not turn right into Wightman Road. Hopefully this will be rectified fairly quickly.
Another is that although signs relating to the closure have been up for a while, drivers are only now re-routing.
Once everyone has found their preferred route, traffic between the West/East of the borough should calm down.

We have worked out a couple of routes that may benefit swimmers getting to/from training below.
Possibility #1 – towards Wood Green
Park Road – Alexandra Palace Way – Station Road – Lordship Lane – Downhills Way – Downhills Park Road – Philip Lane

Possibility #2 – towards Finsbury Park
W7 to Finsbury Park Station
Victoria Line Tube to Seven Sisters

As a club, we will aim to keep abreast of the traffic situation and make plans moving forward during the disruptions.
You can also keep up to date by viewing the dedicated page on the council website

Although this will be a testing time for some of us, please put in an extra thought for those that live on or off of Wightman Road, many of which will not be able to use their vehicles for the next few months.

We also need to bear in mind that both of our coaches live to the east of the Borough – they will also be working on ways of getting through the traffic in order to provide the quality coaching we are used to.

Stay positive!