New club initiative: find out more & meet an Olympian…

From Head Coach, Paul Doyle:  


Dear Parents, carers and Members of Haringey Aquatics

I am writing this to tell you all about a new and I think exciting new initiative the club is about to embark on. We are about to enter into a new ground-breaking arrangement with the swimming equipment company Finis. This is a company I believe is at the very cutting edge of swimming technology and innovation, who I believe they will be a very valuable partner in our club’s desire to move forwards.
I am often asked by parents about what equipment they should buy for their child. I always try to point them in the right direction but in the market place there are often so many options and alternatives it is easy to be overwhelmed by the choice. So in order to make this a much simpler process, I have created an equipment wish list for the different squads, based on equipment supplied by the Finis company. This is not to say that I want you to just get rid of the equipment that you already have, this is evolution rather than revolution. When new equipment is required, I would encourage you to buy the equipment recommended for your child’s squad.
The benefits of this arrangement are:  You the parents will get the equipment at a discounted rate.
 We the coaches will have swimmers with the correct equipment to work with, which will provide real continuity across the club.
 Finis will arrange a workshop run by an Olympic swimmer once we have reach a pre agreed total spend.
 We are building a unique relationship with a large scale equipment company, but also because this will work through our existing kit supplier helping us to forge stronger links with them also.
To kick off this new initiative we have arranged for Ross Davenport (a member of the GB 2012 Olympic Swim Team) and a Finis representative to come to Park Road this coming Friday from 6 o’clock which is the first day of our Summer Club Championships to show and talk about the equipment and the relationship. This is a wonderful opportunity, so I would really appreciate it if you would just take 10 minutes on the night to talk to the team that are there. To me this is a deal where we all benefit, so I am very keen on making the most of this opportunity.
Thank you for your continued support!