From January 2017: All fees to be be paid by standing order

From January 2017 we request all monthly fees to be paid ONLY by standing order. This is to help the club reduce the costs of administration and to keep any future fees rise to a minimum.

Please follow the instructions below as this will really help the Membership Secretary and Treasurer carry out their respective roles:

  • the reference for monthly swimming fees must be ONLY the athlete’s name and surname (Name Surname), please do not add anything else
  • if your child also does water polo, please set up a different payment adding WP to the reference (Name Surname WP)
  • if you have more than one child and you used to pay for them in a single payment, please set up a payment for each child (reference Name Surname or Name Surname WP). Get in touch if you need to know what amount needs to be paid for each child.  List of current fees

If you do not bank online, please fill out the standing order form standing-order-set-up-form and send or bring to your bank.

For all online payments for swimming and water polo, these are the details you need:

Co-op Bank,

Haringey Aquatics,

Sort Code: 08-92-99,

A/c Number: 65110126

Fees for divers are paid into a different account.  Any queries about diving payments should be directed to: Richard Lerman at

Once the standing order is set up/amended please complete this confirmation form  standing-order-confirmation-form and return to  for our records.

Please contact Marianna at or 07799 121692 if you require further assistance in this matter.

Thank you for your co-operation.