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Gala: BWFSC Summer Meet 9th July 2017

Entries have now closed, Swimmers will be emailed once entries have been confirmed.

Borough of Waltham Forest Summer Meet

Date: Sunday 9th July 2017


Sessions: Swimmers must sign in for each event in which they are entered a minimum of 45 minutes before the start of each session

Session 1 – Warm up 8am TBC; Start 08.45 TBC

Session 2 – Warm up TBC; Start TBC

Gala information including UTs and event schedule BWFSCSummerMeet2017withULQT

MPs back Haringey Aquatics campaign for a public swimming pool in Wood Green

A joint letter to Haringey Council from Catherine West, MP and David Lammy, MP provides strong backing for Haringey Aquatics’ call for public swimming pools in Wood Green MPs letter of support for 3rd pool campaign
Wood Green has had no public swimming pool since 1997. A public leisure centre and swimming pool in Wood Green would be a valuable and important resource for the whole community and should be included in the Wood Green Area Action Plan.
Ways you can help our campaign
You can make comments directly to the council (deadline 5pm 28th April 2017) by:

-emailing  Haringey Council at and simply tell them what you think

– visit the Commonplace website at

Signing our petition on “Haringey Council: A third swimming pool in Haringey”.  Please spread the word to friends, family and neighbours  Petition for Third Pool in Haringey Let’s try to get to 1000 signatures.

Gala: Cardiff International Open Meet 26-28th May 2017

Entries have now closed for this gala.  Swimmers will be emailed once entries have been confirmed.

Dates: 26th-28th May 2017

Venue: Cardiff International Pool, Olympian Drive, Cardiff, CF11 0JS


Friday 26th May: Sessions 1, 2 and 3 (Finals) – all warm ups and start time TBC

Saturday 27th May: Sessions 4,5  and 6 (Finals) – all warm ups and start time TBC

Sunday 28th May: Sessions 7,8 and 9 (Finals – – all warm ups and start time TBC

Spectator: £15.00 for a whole meet pass.  £6.50 for a day pass.  £3.50 per session.  Full Weekend programme £5.00


Gala information (including CTs & QTs): ciom17_meet-pack

Campaign for third pool for Wood Green: Extended deadline (28 April) for comments & petition

Haringey Council is asking everyone for feedback on its proposals for Wood Green Regeneration. The public consultation is well underway and has been extended to 28th April 2017. Detailed instructions on how to comment and suggestions for what to include are set out below.

The club is concerned that there are no clear plans for new public pools in the Wood Green Area Action Plan and only a vague reference to leisure facilities including swimming facilities ‘which could be provided by public or private sectors’ – see Leisure on Page 95, Section 7.69

We have provided some key points below which you can use to make the case for new pools but please feel free to make your own points.  A detailed document from the club setting out the need for a suite of pools in Wood Green HA_case for 3rd pool_140317  will be forwarded to the Council but please do use any of the content to make your case if that’s helpful. And please encourage friends, family and colleagues to join our campaign.

How to feed back your comments to the Council

If you would like to support our campaign for new public pools in Wood Green, you can do this in one or more of the following ways:

– email Haringey Council at and simply tell them what you think

– visit the Commonplace website at

sign the petition on “Haringey Council: A third swimming pool in Haringey”.  Please spread the word to friends, family and neighbours  Petition for Third Pool in Haringey Let’s try to get to 1000 signatures. 

Here, you will be able to comment on any aspects of the plan (there is only one paragraph on sport and leisure) and you can read what other people are saying.

Importantly other people will be able to see your comments and this will help to get some momentum going…. but time is short so don’t delay. 

To find the section which includes leisure facilities, follow this route:

Click on ‘Managing growth/view details and comment’

The information on this page will take you to different bits of the plan relating to ‘growth’

At the bottom of the page you can click on ‘view comments’ and see what others are saying.

To make your comments, click on ‘what do you think about this proposal/sign in to comment.

You will be asked to provide your first name, an email address and a password and then you can go on to add your comment.

Please ask for pools in Wood Green and better facilities for competitive aquatics and make any other comments you feel are important or relevant.

There are exhibitions in Wood Green Library on 14 March 10am-2pm, 16 March 4-7pm and 18 March 11-4pm. Public Voice are running a series of workshops.


Haringey has public pools at only 2 locations: Tottenham Green and Park Road.

There is competition for pool time at these sites and demand is increasing with demographic change.

Haringey Aquatics has protected time at these pools but it is not sufficient to meet current demand and is limiting the opportunities and ambitions of young people in Haringey.

We will begin to turn away children who want to join the club this year.

Our Learn to swim programme at Northumberland Park has helped address inequality but is at capacity; its longer-term future is


Existing facilities for competive swimming, diving and water polo in Haringey are very limited.

There has been no public swimming pool in Wood Green for the past 20 years.

In 2013, Haringey Council identified the need for new pools and a leisure centre to meet population growth and deficits in health and physical activity. Wood Green was identified by the Council as a prime location for the new sport and leisure complex

But the current Wood Green Regeneration plan does not include any plans for public swimming pools or a new sport and leisure complex.

It is important that the opportunities provided by Wood Green regeneration are not missed

It is a timely opportunity to plan for the future, meet demand and seek partnerships and other external funding to get new pools built and managed.

A public swimming pool in Wood Green would be very popular with residents

A new pool/pools would significantly increase participation in physical activity, fitness, swimming ability and health outcomes locally.

A new pool/leisure complex in Wood Green would provide

opportunities for employment for local people.

A new pool or pools would provide many more young people with the opportunity to train with Haringey Aquatics in a club environment, to excel at sport, build confidence, self esteem, commitment and provide role models for peers. Training with the club also opens up a pathway for young people to employment opportunities in aquatic sport and leisure, independent of academic achievement.

In addition to the provision outlined above, one or more strategically placed ‘community pools’ would enable Haringey Aquatics to offer its low cost, high quality learn to swim programme to more families with low incomes or no culture of swimming.

There is an opportunity with Wood Green Regeneration to raise our sights in Haringey and take aquatic sport to another level. Current facilities are limited and limiting. Haringey should aspire to become a centre of excellence with state of the art facilities for competitive swimming, diving and water polo as well as other sports like synchronized swimming and triathlon.