URGENT: Pool survey

Fusion are running a survey asking customers for their opinions about the facilities at Park Road and Tottenham Green and particularly if there is enough time allocated to different activities e.g lessons, casual swimming, competitive training.

Please help the club by filling out the survey.  You can pick up a paper copy from reception at either pool or you can fill out the survey on line at http://www5.fusion-lifestyle.com/contracts/Haringey_Leisure/news/001_Have_your_say_about_aquatics

You can complete the survey for yourself or for members of your family who use the pools.

In addition to whatever feedback you want to provide Fusion, it would help the club if you could tick the box ‘not enough’ for club swimming/aquatics in question 7 and for question 8 provide one or more of the following answers:

More whole pool time for swimming training

Whole pool time at Park Road for water polo

More diving training

As additional prime time pool space is simply not available at the pools for any activities, we expect that many non-club customers will respond by saying there are too many club swimming/aquatics sessions. Given the importance of our existing pool time and the fact that we are reaching capacity, please make sure that Fusion hears that our pool time is important to you/your family.