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National Skills Diving – PB’s for our divers



Tom and Fizzy (with coach Ella) competed at their first Nationals today at the LAC. Both recorded personal bests in very strong fields. Tom finished 18th with a score of 255 (previous best 218) and Fizzy finished 26th with a score of 244 (previous best of 220). They both have put in a fantastic effort in the last few weeks in preparation for today. Hopefully next year we will have a few more divers competing alongside Tom & Fizzy..

Diving Club – Summer Championships 2nd July 2017

Congratulations to Caleb Beer who is our new Summer championship winner. Caleb beat a strong group with very consistent dives, the highlight being his back fall straight scoring a very high 23 before tariff.
Some good all round performances especially from Fizzy and Tom who are representing the club at National Skills Finals at the LAC on the 23rd July, they took Gold & Silver in their group.

Well done to everybody and all our medal winners with a special mention to those who competed for the first time today.



G2 WINNERS G3 G4 BOYS G4 GIRLSHA Summer Championships results July 2017

Club Champion 2015

Ginny is our new Diving Club Champion

The Diving Club held it’s third championship on Friday 20th November at Park Road. We had 37 divers competing across three categories producing some very impressive performances.

Georgina ‘Ginny’ Csori produced five near faultless dives to become our new club champion.

Other category winners were Esme, Otto, Sam, Rannie & Tarro.  Luka won the bombing competition.




Taro 2

Group R4 Boys winner

Group R4 Boys winner

Group 4 boys winner

Group 4 boys winner


Group 4 Overall winner

Group 4 Overall winner