Development Squad

These squads are there to move the swimmers through Levels 8-10 of the ASA’s National Plan for the Teaching of Swimming (NPTS). These levels are designed to begin teaching swimmers many of the key skills that move them from being an able swimmer towards being a competitive swimmer and building their endurance.

Development Squad Trials

Development trials take place on the last Friday of every month at Park Road Pool  and the last Thursday of month at Tottenham Green (to join development squad at TG only). Trialists should be on poolside ready to get in the water at 6pm. Swimmers must wear a swimming costume and hat, goggles may be worn.
They will need to show that they are able to perform all 4 strokes competently. For information about to what expect at a trial click here Pre-requirements criteria for Development Squad Trials 2016
Trialists will be required to swim for an hour and our Coach will determine whether they are ready for our sessions.

If your child has passed Stage 7 and have been advised that they are ready to move on then please book a place for them to do a trial  Trial booking form

Next trial dates:

TOTTENHAM GREEN (to join Development Squad at Tottenham Green only)

Thursday 28th February 2019 6-7pm

Thursday 28th March 2019 6-7pm

Thursday 25th April  2019 6-7pm


Friday 1st March 2019 6-7pm.

Friday 29th March 2019 pool 6-7pm 

Friday 26th April  2019 6-7pm


Development Squad Timetable at Tottenham Green and Park Road

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
6pm-7pm Level 8 Level 8 Level 8 Level 8 Level 8
Level 9 Level 9 Level 9 Level 9 Level 9
Level 10 Level 10 Level 10 Level 10 Level 10


Level 8: Swimmers can attend one session on the same day each week.

Level 9: Swimmers can attend either two sessions (Tuesday and Thursday) or three sessions (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) each week.

Level 10: Swimmers can attend up to five sessions each week. 


Age Criteria:  8-12
Aim: The aim of these groups is to create a positive training environment, with training planned to achieve good performances at club levels. These squads are for swimmers aiming to get into the Competitive Squads. The training will be planned to raise levels of performance consistently and teach those skills required for competitive performance, with emphasis being on continuing skill development and improving technique.
Squad Criteria:Be willing to commit to working through levels 8,9,10 of the National Plan for the Teaching of Swimming (NPTS).

  • To swim all strokes and distances in training and competition.
  • Complete the requirements of each level of the NPTS.
  • Make a minimum of 1 session a week.
  • Coaches discretion based on talent identification.

Results of Time Trials

development squad time trials results nov 2015.

development squad 50m time trials results oct 2015.

development squad time trials results sept.

Development Squad Time Trial Results Sheet – March 2015

Development Squad Time Trial Results Sheet – Jan 2015

ASA Sprint Awards/Certificates

Development swimmers of all ages are encouraged to work towards ASA competitive standards and badges. The idea is to compliment current club practices where promotion to the next squad is an acknowledgement of a higher competence shown by the swimmers,

The sprint awards are spilt into five distances (25m, 50m, 100m, 200m and 400m) and cover all strokes as well as the Individual Medley. However, certain levels only become available for achievement when the swimmer has reached a very competent ability level. All events must be swum in accordance with ASA rules. See the chart for the details of the awards and times required Competitive Performance Awards table

Once a swimmer has achieved an award by either matching or bettering the qualifying time, at any organised event (time trials, club championships or open galas) a badge can be ordered on line using the form below. Once payment has been received an email will be sent to confirm when certificates and badges can be collected. (Badge and certificate £2.50; badge, certificate and stroke badge £3.50).

Swimmers will also have the opportunity to receive recognition for completing their distance badges. The aim is to motivate swimmers to swim longer distances in a stress free manner. Strokes should be be easily recognisable as one of the four main competitive strokes, though they need not meet the standards demanded by ASA law.  The greater the distance the higher standard of technique is expected.

Distance Lengths Distance Lengths
400 m 16 1 mile (1650) 66
600 m 24 2000 m 80
800 m 32 3000 m 120
1000 m 40 4000 m 160
1500 m 60 5000 m 200