Fees/membership application

All fees are per month and from January 2017 must be paid be standing order:

  • the reference for monthly swimming fees must be ONLY the athlete’s name and surname (Name Surname), please do not add anything else
  • if your child also does water polo, please set up a different payment adding WP to the reference (Name Surname WP)
  • if you have more than one child, please set up a payment for each child (reference Name Surname or Name Surname WP).

If you do not bank online, fill in this standing order form standing-order-set-up-form and send or take to your bank. Once set up please complete this confirmation form standing-order-confirmation-form and send to ha.members@gmail.com for our records.

Fees for divers are paid into a different account.  Any queries about diving payments should be directed to: Richard Lerman at hadiving@gmail.com

Development Squad

Stage 8 – £26 (1 session per week)
Stage 9a – £29 (Tuesday and Thursday only, 2 sessions per week)
Stage 9b – £32 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday only, 3 sessions per week)
Stage 10 – £35 (up to 5 session per week, Monday – Friday)

Swim Squad £40

Junior  Performance Squad £45

Senior Performance Squad-£55

Club Squad – £26 (1 session per week)

To apply for membership please click on the link How to Join

Leaving the club: Haringey Aquatics require one month’s notice in writing  to the membership Secretary  (email Marianna at ha.members@gmail.com and please state which discipline i.e. swimming, water polo etc). Please note it is the responsibility of the parent/swimmer to cancel the standing order, failure to do so will result in an administrative fee.

ASA Membership

All members of Haringey Aquatics need to have ASA membership which has to be renewed annually.  Members are not insured or allowed to take part in any aquatic activities if your annual membership is not paid. Please use this document to apply/ renew ASA Registration and any changes of personal details. Membership is complete/renewed ONLY on completion of these forms and receipt of Membership Fees. The 2018 form will be available from 31st December 2017.