Shaunette Wade
My Daughter joined the club in October 2012, and she was extremely nervous and anxious although on a positive note she enjoyed splashing around in water as long as her feet could touch the bottom of the pool and she had her arm bands on.

On her first lesson she soon realised that she couldn’t touch the bottom of the pool due to the depth of the water, and that they didn’t use arm bands, they used floats and noodles and her facial expressions made my heart sink. I thought to myself this isn’t going to work she was petrified and wouldn’t let go of the side of the pool. Fortunately her coach was very good and had a very calming manner, he reassured her that it was ok for her to feel a little bit scared and that she would be fine as long as she listened to his instructions, as he was there to help her and make sure that she stayed safe. The calm way in which he spoke to her made her trust him and she slowly if not hesitantly let go of the side of the pool. At the end of the lesson when I asked her how it went she said “Mummy I was really scared but my teacher was really nice and I want to try again next week”.

By her third lesson she was much more confident and was able to do things like star floats independently and correctly. The coach would sometimes get her to demonstrate to the other kids how it should be done and this helped to boost her confidence immensely. When the first block of lessons finished and she was told that she was moving to the next stage she was so happy and proud of herself.

After around 12 to 13 lessons she had progressed to swimming a few strokes without any aids, I was so happy as we had booked a family holiday for the summer and I wanted her to be able to enjoy the water confidently. I spoke to the club and explained that I wanted her to be able to swim a width unaided by the summer when we went on holiday and I asked if it would be possible to enrol her for an additional lesson every week. The club accommodated my request and by the time we left for our holidays she was swimming lengths of the pool and learning her breathing techniques.

Whilst on holiday it was amazing, how many parents asked where my daughter had learnt to swim as they knew it wasn’t in America because of the techniques she used. This made her feel really special and she has grown with confidence even more over time.

I have always found all the club coaches and management very approachable and accommodating, and I really appreciate what they do. I am always telling people how good they are and how well my daughter is progressing with the club.

Bridget Escott
My son has been with the Club for over two and a half years now, and has become very fit and strong. He thoroughly enjoys the interaction with his peers, as well as the older swimmers who set a great example of how to stay focused in their teenage years! The club encourages teamwork and commitment too, qualities that we like. The organisers work really hard to make it such a fun club to be part of.

Sheila Meadows
My daughter was asked to join the competitive swimming team at the age of 9 having spent her two previous years moving through the lanes of the development squad. Although she was very young the coaches and the rest of the squad made her feel very welcome and supported and encouraged her. What I like so much about the coaches is that they are not just interested in the children racing, but put a much greater emphasis on the children improving and perfecting their swimming strokes, turns and dives and generally building up their confidence.